1. The name of the society shall be: University of Cambridge Concert Band
  2. The Society’s aims shall be: To give every player on an appropriate instrument the opportunity to play in a concert band and to provide regular concerts.
  3. Membership of the Society:
    i. Membership shall be extended to all members of the University and any others who may apply to the Committee.
    ii. There shall be an annual fee for membership which shall be fixed by the Committee. Only those who have paid the fee for a particular year shall be classed as members in that year.
    iii. The Committee shall have the right to offer honorary membership (free) and life
    membership (for a fee) to any person it sees fit.
    iv. It shall not refuse an application for membership on the grounds of race, sex, sexuality, religion or political views.
    v. All members shall have full voting rights at Society meetings.
    vi. The Committee may expel any member whose conduct seems likely to bring the Society into disrepute. Such expulsion shall be subject to confirmation at the next General Meeting of the Society.
  4. Meetings of the Society:
    i. Rehearsals shall be held weekly, circumstances permitting, during Full Term. The
    rehearsals shall be publicised by the Committee. Further rehearsals may be held at the discretion of the committee.
    ii. Concerts shall be held on a termly basis, circumstances permitting, during Full Term. Further events may be held at the discretion of the committee and publicised in advance.
    iii. A Committee meeting shall be held during the first fortnight of each Full Term with additional meetings as decided by the Committee.
    iv. The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held each year in the second half of the Lent Term and publicised by the Committee at least fourteen Full Term days beforehand.
    v. The AGM shall approve the Society’s Accounts for the preceding year, elect the
    Committee for the year ahead and conduct such other business as is necessary.
  5. The Committee:
    i. The Committee shall consist of: Chairman, Junior Treasurer, Secretary, and at least two other officers whose responsibilities shall be decided by the Committee. In addition there shall be a Senior Treasurer, who shall be a resident member of the Senate or other person approved by the Junior Proctor. The Senior Treasurer shall be appointed by the elected members of the Committee and shall be ex officio a member of the Committee.
    ii. The Committee of the Society shall be elected at the AGM by a quorum consisting of one quarter of the society’s membership. Nominations for the Committee must be submitted to the Secretary in writing at least three Full Term days before the AGM. Any member of the Society may be nominated for any Committee post by two other members of the Society. If necessary and agreed by the committee, a member can be nominated for a post at the AGM itself.
    iii. There may be hustings at the AGM. Votes shall be counted by two persons chosen by the Committee. The election and count shall be conducted using the First Past the Post system.
    iv. The Committee may, at their discretion, co-opt additional members to itself where it perceives the need, or to fill any vacancies that may arise.
    v. Co-opted members shall have full voting rights.
    vi. Any member of the Committee who wishes to resign must do so in writing and present it to the committee at an appropriate meeting.
  6. The AGM shall ratify the appointment of a Musical Director who shall, ex officio, become a member of the Committee. In addition, if the post becomes vacant, auditions should be arranged by the Committee at the earliest opportunity. One or more assistant conductors may be auditioned at any time. Assistant conductors shall also become ex officio a member of the Committee. Election of the Musical Director and assistant conductor(s) is ultimately the decision of the Committee, but should take into account the opinions of the members of the Society.
  7. Financial Matters:
    i. The Society shall maintain a banking account with a suitable Bank or Building Society to hold the Society’s funds.
    ii. It shall be the responsibility of the Junior Treasurer to ensure that monies received are properly accounted for and that the Society’s financial records are kept in good order.
    iii. The Senior Treasurer shall make arrangements for the Society’s Accounts to be properly audited, either by himself or herself, or by some other person approved under University Ordinances.
    iv. The Senior Treasurer shall not be liable for any financial debt or other obligation of the Society unless he or she has personally authorised such a debt in writing.
    v. For so long as the Society shall be Registered with the Junior Proctor, it shall be the duty of the Committee to ensure that the Society complies with the requirements for Registration as a University Society.
  8. Data Handling and Rights Requests:
    i. The society must handle members’ data as outlined in the society’s Members Privacy Notice; this notice should be sent to all new and current members of the society, as well as be made publicly available on the society’s website.
    ii. The members of the society must be informed whenever the Members Privacy Notice is updated.
    iii. The actions of a member signing up to, or continuing involvement with, the society will be taken as that member’s consent to the society using their data as outlined in the privacy notice.
    iv. Any member of the society has the right by law to request copies of any data the society holds about them, to ask for inaccuracies in this data to be rectified, to object to the handling of this data, and to ask for this data to be deleted.
    v. Rights requests can be made to any committee member, who must then take appropriate action to fulfil these requests, or inform other committee members who are able to fulfil them.
  9. Amendments to this Constitution may be proposed by any six members of the Society, and must be submitted to the Secretary in writing. This Constitution may only be amended at an AGM, or a meeting specially called for that purpose. The Committee shall publicise the meeting at least fourteen Full Term days beforehand. No vote on a constitutional amendment shall be valid unless at least one quarter of the Society’s membership is present at the meeting.
  10. Dissolution:
    i. The Society may be dissolved at a General Meeting provided that at least twenty-one days written notice of the intention to dissolve the Society has been given to the
    members. At least two thirds of those present and voting at the General Meeting must vote in favour of the motion for dissolution for it to be effective.
    ii. The transferral of assets remaining after all liabilities have been met shall be decided at the General Meeting.
  11. Any matter not covered here shall be left to the discretion of the Committee.